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Studio Sinn Ästhetik

We are a design studio based in Berlin. Our projects explore the symbiosis of art, interactive objects and the development of material work processes with a focus on human senses. Our goal is to share the essence of our innovative design solutions and products with partners, contributing to their success. The philosophy of STUDIO SINN ÄSTHETIK is the balance between poetry and function as well as simplicity and playfulness.

Sinn Ästhetik?

The meaning of Sinn Ästhetik in german language is the relationship between „Sinn“ or Sense and „Ästhetik“ or Aesthetic, the study of the harmony in nature and art.

Victor Gonzalez

Victor is a studied Mechatronics from Mexico City, where he started product design studies, what he completed with an MA at the University of the Arts in Berlin. As a Product Designer, he researches social behavior and the perception of people. His projects explore the symbiosis of art, product development, and science with a focus on the human senses.

Jihye Kang

Jihye is a Product Designer with a musical background, based in Berlin. She completed her Master‘s degree at the weißensee school of art and design Berlin in 2018. She has profound experience with material experiments and in the development of material work processes, especially in the fields of glass and ceramics. Her approach is characterized as explorative and experimental, which is considered a groundbreaking design process.



Internorga Fair

Hamburg, Germany · 15th Mar - 19th Mar 2019

Ambiente fair

Frankfurt, Germany · 8th Feb - 12th Feb 2019

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague · 4th Sep - 11th Nov 2018

national Museum of Slovenia

Presernova, Slovenia · 15th May - 31st July 2018

Bröhan museum

Landesmuseum für Jugendstil, Germany · 28th Jan - 22th Apr 2018

british ceramis biennal

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom · 22th Sep - 5th Nov 2017

Ulster university

Millennium Court Arts Centre, Ireland · 24th Jun - 221th Jul 2017


Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Germany · 21th Jan - 1st May 2017

Alto University

Fiskar Village, Finland · 10th Nov - 7th Dec 2016

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